Your Virtual Companion for Safety


is your personal AI companion designed to provide support and comfort through human-like conversations whenever you need it. Simply by calling a dedicated phone number, you can engage in meaningful dialogue or signal for help.


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Why Choose BuddyAI

BuddyAI is crafted for those moments when you're walking home at night and need that extra bit of security. It’s not just a chatbot—it's your nighttime walking companion.

Nighttime Companion

BuddyAI is designed with women in mind, offering an immediate and understanding voice during the vulnerable moments of walking home alone in the dark.

Signal for Help

With BuddyAI, you have a direct line to signal for assistance if you ever feel unsafe. It's equipped to understand the urgency in your voice.

Empowerment in Conversation

Talking to BuddyAI can make you feel less isolated and more confident as you navigate through less secure environments.

24/7 Availability

Regardless of the hour, BuddyAI is always ready to engage in conversation or provide assistance, offering peace of mind for every step you take.

The Impact of BuddyAI

Discover how BuddyAI can make a difference in the lives of users.

Feel Safer

Users feel safer walking home at night with BuddyAI

Less Anxious

Feel less anxious in unfamiliar situations

Pretend Call

Deter unwanted attention with a Pretend Call


A safe and secure dashboard to keep track of your calls, and emergency contacts.

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